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Expand your business into a wider network, which is both robust and successful.

Services for Franchisors

For companies looking to expand their business whilst conserving their capital, franchising is an attractive proposition.

Morgan Blake offers a complete package of services for franchisors – we are the company to guide you through the rigours of franchising and beyond.

We become part of your team.

Our services for franchisors include supporting clients through the initial planning stages of launching their business as a franchise including exploratory workshops, financial analysis and the preparation of documents such as the Franchise Owner Manual and Franchise Agreements.

At the heart of franchising is the recruitment of franchise owners and Morgan Blake provides comprehensive recruitment services for franchisors. We undertake the management and administration of the recruitment process on your behalf whilst leaving you to concentrate on your core business. We have a bespoke program called ‘Arousal’ which is designed around making sure the candidate is loved from the minute they make the call to action. Our programme proves itself to be the most successful system in ensuring franchisors end up with the right and best qualified franchise owners as well as making sure that franchise owners invest in the best opportunities.

After recruitment comes the all important training phase, where our skilled trainers support franchisors in passing on their knowledge and expertise of the business to their franchise owners. This may include sales, management, product and systems training.

We can also take greater participation post recruitment and become part of the team supporting both the client and franchise owners on an ongoing basis including mentoring and monitoring franchise owners on behalf of the franchisor.

We always create a bespoke programme of services to meet our client’s needs.

Would you like to see if you or your business can become so much more that what it is now?

Then give us a call here at Morgan Blake Franchise Consultants to find out more about our services for franchisors – 01603 873364

Our Franchisors

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